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Shelby American Iconic Blue Team Shirt

Image of Shelby American Iconic Blue Team Shirt

Carroll Shelby wanted his team to have a professional look at the track and during travel so, he asked Peter Brock to design a Team Shirt. The famous designer, who was Carroll’s Shelby's first employee, also led the development of the world champion Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, was the first instructor at the Carroll Shelby Driving School and helped create the legendary 1965 Ford Shelby GT350.

Brock began with a bowling shirt and made many changes that included a welt style pocket on the left chest. He then added the now-iconic CS logo patch on the right chest and an inside collar neck lining for comfort. He also included white stripes at the shoulders, not only for a racy design but for flexibility and ease of movement during the pit stops at the races or in the shop.

There were three primary materials used over the years for these shirts. The first was a rayon, a heavy man-made fibrous material that was extremely uncomfortable to wear. The second, slightly better, poly-nylon was used which was more comfortable but still abrasive to wear. The final material was a cotton blend that was the most comfortable and the best of the three.

COBRA is proclaimed boldly on the back of the shirt. The team used a chenille style embroidery to place that word on the shirt. Chenille embroidery is the use of small continuous loops of thread to apply the name and make it come to life. The application process was generally done by hand, with a sewing machine and a special attachment. Each letter was done by hand that was a very time-consuming and detailed process.

Carroll Shelby wore the shirt in many of his promotional photographs. The garment was the pride of each and every Shelby Team member, including Jim Marietta, Ted Sutton and Peter Brock.

The Limited edition Original Venice Crew Apparel continuation Team shirt is true to the construction and spirit of that shirt. For insure authenticity, the Original Venice Crew Apparel acquired one of the original Shelby Team shirts to use as a benchmark and model to make sure our shirts measure up to what the Team wore in the Championship days. Each shirt is built to that benchmark.

Our shirts are made of a custom-made cotton blend fabric with a button-down collar with a comfort insert at the neckline. Even the button sizes match. The front left pocket is of welt design along with the iconic “CS” patch is sewn to the right chest area. The white stripe material at the shoulders is just as flexible as the original. The Chenille COBRA on the back of each shirt is individually hand-produced with the loop style embroidery like the first original shirts.

The Original Venice Crew Apparel shirts are the finest continuation shirts produced since the first one Peter Brock designed and made over 55 years ago.